Shit My Pants video! Bad Romance video parody!

A video parody of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance!  Directed by Blake Martin.  Starring Sherry Vine, Epiphany, Baby Jane, David Serrano, Kyle, Yuha, Jon Kitt, John Alix, Ian Reese.  Hair by Isaac and Matthew @ WigBar.  Dress by Lollipop It.  Toilet seat from Pepi.  Outfit by Acid Betty. Filmed on location at Barracuda.

[jwplayer mediaid=”784″ width=”600″ height=”463″]
Sherry Vine

3 thoughts on “Shit My Pants video! Bad Romance video parody!

  1. Craig Payne says:

    Hey Babe..your video is fantastic!! I’m a Video DJ in Sydney Australia and I’d love to play it at the Club I play at (Stonewall) is it possible to get a avi or a mpeg of it? Capturing it from utube wouldn’t do it justice.. Cheers Craig

  2. Julie-Anna says:

    Of course I’m a GaGa fan and to see this creative parody was fantastic! Love the acting, dancing, singing, …everything about it! That bathtub scene really looks like GaGa.

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